Design Philosophy : Zone Zero

Homes are the center of our everyday lives and where we typically spend most of our time. In the lens of a Permaculture zoning analysis, the home (or structure) would be your zone zero. It is the center of which you guild your landscape around. With this in mind, it makes sense to give it more consideration and make it a significant part of a designed environment that nurtures the homeowner.

The modern homes of today are plagued with multiple problems. For the most part, they are all input driven and are sustained mostly by one’s finances. A few basic expenses include heating, cooling, electricity, water, your mortgage. Most modern homes are modern in that they cater to the latest technological trend, like smart thermostats, smart lighting and modern finishes. Not to say that these are negative, but these should be pieces to the larger picture. The bigger picture should be a home oriented to nurture the chosen lifestyle of the homeowner. Most everything else should be secondary to this main goal.

Here at Alt-Ark, our goal is to design legacy homes, meant for long term ownership, specified to nurture your lifestyle . We use Permaculture principles/concepts in our sites-with the home as zone zero, and the surrounding acreage designed to produce for you.

We list some elements we endeavor to include in our page of working concepts, which summarizes some of our ideas.

These homes are meant to far exceed the traditional use of a home (shelter, sleep, storage). These are designed to elevate your way of life, the way you envision it.

David Holmgren, co-founder of Permaculture, showing us his home and some of its features.

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