Alt-Ark aims to design forever homes that enhance lives. Homes imbued with the values of the families they shelter, deeply rooted in the landscape and staying their course for generations to come.

Design Philosophy

Zone Zero

Our goal is to design legacy homes, meant for long term ownership, specified to nurture your lifestyle . We use Permaculture principles/concepts in our sites-with the home as zone zero, and the surrounding acreage designed to produce for you.

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We have an evolving set of core concepts we rely on in our work. These guide our vision to what we hope to be known for.

Functional Design and Program

The house is not based on current shifting trends. It is designed for function and living in a Permaculture mindset…

Produce a yield

The home, together with the landscape is designed to provide productive output in varying forms of resources…

Function stacking

Stacked uses (in time and space) is designed into the home, to make multiple uses…

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  • Permaculture Home Concept: Detailing a Storm Shelter
    Inside the permaculture home concept plan I have been working on, I’ve planned for a pantry that can be upgraded to a storm shelter in the main section of the house. Today as I was developing the roof I realized I was very close to connecting the roof supports to one of the storm shelter walls. This raised a red flag in my head.
  • On Passive House design for a Permaculture Home
    Would a passive house approach work for what I am trying to do with the permaculture house concept? How does the Passive House design apply to this Texas Permaculture home concept?
    What would my permaculture concept house look like at this point? Here’s a quick 3min video of what that exterior would look like simply using the floor plan.

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