Alt-Ark aims to design forever homes that enhance lives. Homes imbued with the values of the families they shelter, deeply rooted in the landscape and staying their course for generations to come.

Design Philosophy

Zone Zero

Our goal is to design legacy homes, meant for long term ownership, specified to nurture your lifestyle . We use Permaculture principles/concepts in our sites-with the home as zone zero, and the surrounding acreage designed to produce for you.

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We have an evolving set of core concepts we rely on in our work. These guide our vision to what we hope to be known for.

Functional Design and Program

The house is not based on current shifting trends. It is designed for function and living in a Permaculture mindset…

Produce a yield

The home, together with the landscape is designed to provide productive output in varying forms of resources…

Function stacking

Stacked uses (in time and space) is designed into the home, to make multiple uses…

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  • Plastics over Steel for easier rural home construction
    The advantages of using fiber reinforced plastics over steel for residential design: lighter, less fuel, less equipment, low maintenance…
  • Rocket Mass Heater add
    Would a permaculture home in this climate benefit from a rocket mass heater?
  • Permaculture Concept Home: Not a Starter Home
    This is a floor plan for a forever home-where I would hope to host family reunions with my grandkids sitting under the shade of a food forest their parents grew up in. I have enough of the spaces figured out in my head and can start being more creative with it.

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