This blog is about one man’s opinions and documents the pursuit of incorporating permaculture design to create functional forever homes. Ideas may be experimental and may not be suited for construction, particularly in sites inside the jurisdiction of cities with enforceable building codes.


There will be referral links provided for certain products throughout the site. These are either personal recommendations or used to illustrate what products are available in the market. The links may or may not provide me with a commission. Some links may be expired or may be invalid due to updates from the source link. Unless specifically noted, I do not make personal guarantees on these links to state that I have tried them and they work. Recommendations may be based on company reputation and industry standard practices or prior lab tests conducted and listed by third party companies to the product.


Currently I am a licensed architect in New York state. Most states do not require licensure to design private residences. I am based in Texas where this is the case. Should you engage my design services, I will verify these state requirements and inform you of any conflicts before we proceed.

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