We have an evolving set of core concepts we rely on in our work. These guide our vision to what we hope to be known for.

Functional Design and Program

the house is not based on current shifting trends. It is designed for function and living in a Permaculture mindset.

Produce a yield

The home, together with the landscape is designed to provide productive output in varying forms of resources. This can vary from food, energy, time or income, all depending on your personal goals.

Function stacking

stacked uses (in time and space) is designed into the home, to make multiple uses. This is not meant to simply be an empty unproductive shell of a structure while you are away working and building your future.


  • to address specific regional concerns (i.e. fire hazards, tornado risks, flooding)
  • this is a wholistic view and includes resiliency to shifting social issues that may affect security and safety.

Longevity/life cycle

  • the design and detailing is driven by the life cycle of the home. These homes are meant to be a long term benefit to your family and your future generations
  • a review of the inputs/outputs of the home, from construction to establishment is meant to show a positive energy audit

Practical aesthetic

  • Last and not least, we strive to design aesthetic homes, pleasing to the eye but grounded in purpose.

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