This page provides download links to the Design Development drawings for the Permaculture inspired Home for Homesteading project. These are still in design and have some ways to go before they can be used for construction, but these were put together to show the current design progress (as of April 2022) and the ideas behind them.

I am looking for your input if you have ideas from your homesteading experiences that can benefit this initial design. Please feel free to share these and email your comments to me at with the subject line “HOME FOR HOMESTEADING COMMENTS”. Thank you!

Here are the pdfs for the Design Development drawings, which contain floor plans, elevations, renderings and dimensions of the Home for Homesteading Concept.

Please subscribe here for access to pdfs

I will only reach out if there are updated plans to the design

Here is a pdf for the Concept Design Exhibit – which explains some of the reasons the house is designed the way it is.

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