permaculture concept home exterior drawing

I’ve worked the floor plan for the permaculture concept home for some time now and have finally ventured onto the exterior. I dabbled into the exterior, but had to establish the basic plan first. I’ve been looking forward to this honestly.

(Intro to what the permaculture concept home is here on this post.)

What would the permaculture concept house look like at this point? With the floor plan in good shape, I have been exploring the exterior here and there. With a massing study-which is basically the floor plan extruded up to the volume of the space and basic roofs added-i have a general image of what it would be.

Here’s a quick 3min video of what that exterior would look like simply using the floor plan. There are no embellishments yet-this is just purely the shape of the walls base on the floor plan.

Odysee version here.

Some other considerations under study that can be seen from this sketch:

Roof slope needs further analysis, probably as I make the digital model of this-so that the slope is not too steep to impact cost too much, be at the best angle to capture solar energy for when solar panels are added onto it. The eaves also need to adjust to shade the walls at the hottest part of the day in the summer solstice.

The walls are currently shown using wood siding. The siding is offset from the wall in what is called an open rainscreen system. The idea I am exploring is that this will allow shade between the outer most wall and the insulated wall of the house. Should let the walls breath and stay cooler. This may pose challenges in the winter, I am exploring that. This wood siding will be more costly than your alum siding. By how much? Quite a bit, but this would be a longer lasting material. I’ve yet to put prices on the materials but the principle that guides this is that, as a permaculture home, the energy audit must be positive. It must outlast the initial investment to put the resources together.

My goal at Alt-Ark is to Make Homes More Permaculture, to help you build that permaculture house on the homestead.

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