Honest and efficient home ornamentation

permaculture home design exterior

A home designed with permaculture principles needs to be honest and true to it’s resources. The facade in this sketch mirrors a deeper indoor living space on the north end, and the south end has a shallower interior space but has a deeper shade from the outdoor porch.

Exercises like these have been constant in my head, as I try to break out of the aesthetic that has been so drilled in my design head from my corporate job.

I struggle with a valid balance of ornamentation, of adding embellishment to a facade, without poking thru to the side of just being wasteful and decorative. I get that, I can be austere. I’d prefer not to be austere though. I’d like some level of abundance and personality. I for one fully expect my wife to embellish a purist white wall if I put one up. That is how we come together.

permaculture home design exterior

Hmmm. We do. We must expect life to come into the home and embellish it. That must be why this has been a struggle for me-I have been a very practical, sterile-modern, function focused guy. I need to visualize it when the home has various layers of life and character and family members overlayed onto it. Sort of a breakthru for me I suppose. Pretty cool (happy dance in my head)

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