A Personal Design Breakthrough

Today is a mini breakthrough for me. I have been working tirelessly at a design for a permaculture concept home, a home for homesteading, for the last year.

The thing that took a lot of creative effort for me was the exterior. It was wrestling with years of creative neglect and brainwashing myself into what a good design should look like.

It was reconciling that with the permaculture ethics and the realities of homesteading. I feel today, I have that resolved and have a design that I can stick with for the rest of the project. Some fine tuning here and there, but I at least feel I have reached a more mature understanding of what I am trying to achieve and am able to translate that into this one prototype design.

Only took me a few months, but now I can say this is a day I can remember for this personal milestone. #buildtheark #permaculture #permaculturehome #homesforhomesteading

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