End of Year Permaculture Homestead House Design Update

permaculture homesteading house design concept exterior sketch

I want to say I got a lot done on the designs for the #permaculture #homestead concept house. As the year ends, I can say I have a design I can continue building on. This is where I am at as of this afternoon, on the last day of the year.

This facade is facing the south-contrary to most home designs, because I am catching the prevailing wind. The porch is being optimized to shade out the brutal summers we have here (so that the south orientation becomes a non-issue). The plan is designed to allow fresh air to flow thru the whole house, reducing HVAC expense in the summer. The roof is also designed specifically for cooling and to release out hot air. Probably I need several other views to show how the whole structure compliments the stacked cooling functions of the plan-which I hope to have ready early this year.

If you live in a homestead or are building a home, I’d love to hear suggestions on what you did to make it suit your lifestyle better.

Happy New Year y’all! Make the most of 2022!

Here’s where we were earlier this year

My goal at Alt-Ark is to Make Homes More Permaculture, to help you build that permaculture house on the homestead.

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