Mudrooms – improving your transition from garden to kitchen

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If you plan on a permaculture home, there will be a lot of time outside on your yard enjoying your land. You may have noticed it sucks when you come back inside and you end up tracking your dirt in the house, or you have no proper space to sit and sort of transition into the inside space without bringing in your mess from the outside. The mudroom does exactly that-allow you to transition back inside. I just haven’t seen a lot of it in houses nowadays.

I plan to have this mudroom as a standard part of this concept permaculture home in my mind. It makes sense to me (at least at this time) to locate it between the garage and kitchen-adjacent to a small bathroom, with direct access to the back door. As you arrive from work or from a grocery run, you can leave your coat there, switch shoes and proceed to the kitchen or wash in the bathroom. It is there when you come in or out into the back door to tend to your land.

Ideally you’d want a clear path of traffic from one end to the other in this space. Imagine walking thru this back door already with both hands carrying a large basket of your freshly harvested tomatoes. You would appreciate being able to shake off your boots, walk straight without extra doors and get into your kitchen prep space and not hassle about the mess you are not making.

In the sketch, I offset the door opening between the mudroom and the bathroom so guests using the bathroom don’t need to see your functional mess in the mudroom (I realize I drew in a large/small mudroom/powder room depending on how you look at it. Please understand this is a sketch only).

Mudroom sketch to improve garden to kitchen access

In the mudroom you’d have a bench with storage underneath where you can sit and remove your boots and put on shoes/crocs/flipflops. Hanging space for your jacket. Upper cabinets or shelving for misc small items like a flashlight or basket. Space for umbrellas or hats and all other items you might want. The size of the mudroom can be smaller than what I had sketched, I think the key is having a clear path and a dedicated space to sit and get sorted.

Access to shed space would be a bonus. This may be a place to store firewood, some yard eqpt like your lawnmower or hand tools.

Between the mudroom, garage and bathroom you might have a shared hall. This floor and the mudroom floor should be easy to clean and functional. It may be just plain concrete floor or on the hall it may be an easy to clean floor tile as it transitions into the kitchen/living space.

Here’s a short 5 min video on the thought process on this. Odysee link here

Alt-Ark‘s goal is to make architecture more permaculture. We seek to empower the creation of forever homes that families can design to match the lives they choose.

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